How To Play Cricket?

Cricket has been a popular sport

Cricket has been a popular sport since the 16th century and can be traced to the early sixteenth century. Cricket World Cup is An international sport at its pinnacle. Additionally, the One Day Series, Test Series, and T20 World Cup are major events. Domestic competitions in every country are fierce.

What the game is about

game of cricket

You want to score as many runs as you can against your opponent. The game can be played in three different ways (One Day, Test, and T20) and each version stipulates a different time limit for completion.

Cricket bats made of wood (usually Kashmir Willow or English willow) are required to hit the ball in order to score runs. Bowling and fielding are the responsibilities of the other teams. In the time you have available, it is important to bowl out The other team or limit As few as possible. When All members of a team have been eliminated or the time limit has passed, the roles will be swapped.

Cricket Rules

Cricket Rules
  • There are 11 players on each team.
  • Each over consists of six legal deliveries.
  • There must be two umpires in a game.
  • There are four ways to dismiss a batsman: bowled, caught (the fielder catches a ball that has not bounced), LBW (the ball hits the batsman’s pads before reaching the stumps), stumped, hit wicket (a batsman hits his wicket), Handled ball (a batsman intentionally handles a cricket ball).
  • Cricket tests are played over five days, in which each team gets two innings (two opportunities to bat).
  • As the scores accumulate, the winning team is determined by the most runs scored in each inning.
  • The one-day game consists of 50 overs. There are 50 overs in each discipline before the teams switch over to the next. At the end of the game, the team with the most runs wins.


An outcome when the batsmen at the wicket successfully run From wicket to wicket to On the other hand after hitting They have the ball in their hands bats. Before being given out, the batsmen may run as often as they like. The ball must bounce once before scoring four runs. The batting team gets six runs if the ball is hit without bouncing Boundary ropes over there.

A bowler can also score runs by bowling a wide ball (at a distance that is beyond the stumps), the no-ball (when the bowler crosses the front line of the wicket), and byes (both batsmen run even though no ball is touched) and leg byes (the batsmen take a run when the ball strikes their legs or bodies).

Playing the Game to Win

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The first team to bat and the first team to the field will bat. As many Runs as fast as possible will be scored by the batting team in the allotted time, while every effort in fielding will be made by Bowling is a team sport to contain them. As a second-team bats will then try to outscore those runs first scored by the first team. Failure means defeat, success means victory.